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How Super Smash Bros. 64 became king of the crossovers

With the arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest and largest Smash Bros. game ever to grace our consoles, it’s almost impossible to imagine a time where there wasn’t a Nintendo-made crossover fighting game beloved by critics, players and pros alike.  It’s a series that redefined what we expect from a fighting genre, offering  Full Article…


Qatar’s beIN Group Calls on Hollywood to Help Fight Pirate Broadcaster Allegedly Backed by Saudi Arabia (EXCLUSIVE)

Qatari powerhouse beIN Media Group is calling on Hollywood to join in fighting a pirate broadcaster that it alleges has stolen billions of dollars’ worth of rights to sports events, films and TV content, and that it says has the backing of Saudi Arabia. Doha-based beIN has compiled what it calls a “dossier of evidence”  Full Article…


Huawei warns staff of job cuts as challenges multiply

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has warned staff about the possibility of job cuts as the number of challenges facing the company escalate and multiply. Several countries are excluding the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer from their 5G rollouts, while other nations are considering measures that would limit the company’s influence on their communications infrastructure.  Full Article…


Windows Core OS could be partially open source

Microsoft, which was once one of the most anti-open source companies on the planet, has certainly changed its tune recently, and rumors suggest that its upcoming Windows Core OS operating system will use open source components. Microsoft’s embrace of open source is one of the most noticeable changes brought in by current CEO Satya Nadella,  Full Article…


How to turn off auto-brightness on iPhone

Finding your iPhone screen is too bright or too dim, or keeps changing brightness by itself? Here’s how to disable auto-brightness and set things manually… Latest iPhone Articles from Macworld UK