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How to start a successful Twitter campaign

Complaining about things used to be simple: you’d craft a furious letter full of dire threats to get your problem off your chest, and your target would promptly throw it in the bin to get it off his desk. Now, though, the balance of power has shifted in your direction. Social media and social networks  Full Article…


Sony Bravia KDL-40EX43B

We’ve certainly seen some interesting combos in the past: VCRs with onboard surround hard disk recorders, TVs with built-in DVD players, and iPod-ready melons. Okay, we might have made the last one up. Taking us back to into the solid realms of reality, though, is Sony’s KDL-40EX43B, which updates the DVD/TV concept by combining a  Full Article…


Is this the new MacBook Air?

We just received this shot of what is purportedly the inside of the new MacBook Air. Contrary to popular belief, the machine appears to be another 13.3-incher, with the primary modification being extra room for battery cells and apparently no room for a hard drive. Of course, this is only one SKU, so who knows  Full Article…


How would you change RIM’s BlackBerry Torch?

It’s the first BlackBerry to ship with BB OS 6, and it’s the first to boast both a touchpanel and a conventional slide-out QWERTY. But is it capable of standing up to the rest of today’s modern smartphones? We definitely had a few bones to pick with RIM’s latest flagship device when we reviewed it  Full Article…


Exclusive: Why Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have Flash

Ask Microsoft why certain features aren’t in Windows Phone 7 and the usual answer is that when you develop a new operating system in 18 months flat you have to make some hard choices about what you can get done in time and what’s most important to the experience. That’s the reason behind no copy  Full Article…