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Primare DVDi10

Primare’s DVDi10 is an integrated DVD player, 2.1-channel receiver, and DAB radio tuner, the natural evolution of the Swedish company’s CDi10 CD/amp combi. It aims to deliver separates performance from a single stylish unit. Just match it up with stereo speakers and a powered sub. For this money, you’d expect rock-solid build quality and that’s  Full Article…


Toshiba XDE-600

The Toshiba XDE-600 is the second generation of DVD players to feature Toshibas’ coveted upscaling technology that attempts to upscale your existing DVDs to 1080p, commonly known as XDE. There’s a big difference between DVD and Blu-ray’s picture quality, but Toshiba’s eXtended Detail Enhancement (XDE) technology aims to narrow this margin. XDE garnered superb results  Full Article…


Samsung DVD-H1080

In these Blu-ray-dominated times, a DVD deck can’t rely on looks alone to compete, and thankfully, the Samsung has a few tricks up its sleeve, the most important of which is video upscaling. The deck will automatically choose the appropriate resolution for you, but you can also manually make it output 720p, 1080i or 1080p.  Full Article…