Point Grey Grasshopper2 GS2-GE-20S4 and GS2-GE-50S5 GigE Vision Network Cameras

Point Grey announced its new Grasshopper2 GS2-GE series GigE Vision network digital cameras with Gigabit Ethernet digital interface. Both models are based on Sony’s iumage sensor and support GigE 1000 Mbit/s complying with GigE Vision v1.2 specification.

Two models are released, the Grasshopper2 GS2-GE-20S4 with 1/1.8-inch Sony ICX274 2 Megapixel sensor that records at 1600×1200/30fps; and the GS2-GE-50S5, which is the smallest GigE camera to use the 2/3-inch Sony ICX625 5 Megapixel CCD sensor that captures 2448×2048 images at 15fps. These compact cameras are equipped with a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter, 32 MByte frame buffer, 512 KByte non-volatile flash memory, and on-board temperature and power sensors to monitor camera status.

The Point Grey GS2-GE-20S4 and GS2-GE-50S5 are priced at 45 and 95 respectively. They are available in color and black&white versions.


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