Project of the Day: An Asian-American Ted Bundy

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Tweetable Logline: Serial killers aren't new to the big screen, but Asian-American serial killers are. And Eddie wants to be the next Ted Bundy.
Elevator Pitch: Chink is about an Asian-American man who has internalized the racism he felt as a child and turned it into a hatred of all Asians – including himself. His anger and his desire to be like his hero (Ted Bundy) leads him to violence and ultimately toward his dream of becoming the greatest serial killer in history.
Production Team:
Directed By: Stanley Yung
Written By : Koji Steven Sakai
Produced By: Quentin Lee, Stanley Yung, and Koji Steven Sakai

The production team of Stanley Yung, Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee have produced more than a…

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