Review: ‘Hannibal’ Season 3, Episode 13, ‘The Wrath of the Lamb’: Over The Edge

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Appetizer Many thanks to Becca Nadler for filling in for me last week, as "Hannibal" played out what is probably "Red Dragon’s" most infamous scene. And hey, it did so in a way that was more graphic than either R-rated film adaptation! On network television! I’m really gonna miss this show.

Behold The Great Red Dragon We open with a bit of business from the novel — enjoy it while it lasts because Fuller and Co. toss it by the wayside about 10 minutes in. Francis pretends to kill himself in front of Reba, so he can spare her as well as get the drop on Will. But after Francis sent Will a very detailed message last episode about the revenge he was going to wreak on him, it takes Will about three seconds to convince him to go after Hannibal instead. This makes a kind of sense, since Hannibal betrayed Francis and would…


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