Sebastian Silva’s 10 Commandments for Indie Filmmaking

Sebastian Silva opened his recent Master Class at the IFP Made in NY Media Center with a YouTube clip of an 80-year-old woman nearly falling out of her harness while skydiving. "I’ve somehow lost interest in indie film, even though I’m really pushing to keep making them," he said. "But stuff like this is really inspiring to me. It’s something that nobody could ever write and direct."

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This perfectly sums up the ethos of Silva’s filmmaking. After breaking onto the scene with the 2009 Sundance premiere "The Maid," Silva has emerged as one of the leading voices in indie film. He espouses spontaneity; his films play like time capsules of the social moment, using naturalistic dialogue to communicate contemporary anxiety in an often humorous way. In a time when indie films are being made for millions of dollars, Silva has stayed true to the DIY culture—on every film but…


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