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Here are the winners of the TechRadar Middle East 2018 Awards

We announced the categories for the TechRadar 2018 awards a few weeks back, and the list was made up of editorial and people's choice awards. While we worked on picking our favourites, so did you, our readers, who poured in with your votes on your favourite smartphones, online retailer and favourite tech brand of 2018.  Full Article…


MacBook Air (2018) vs Dell XPS 13 (2019)

We love the new MacBook Air but can it compete with Dell’s new XPS 13 for 2019? We compare these two high-end laptops in price, design and specs…. Latest Reviews from Macworld UK


Women in Hollywood Suffer ‘Radical Underrepresentation’ in Top 2018 Films, Study Says

While Hollywood women have made incremental gains in below-the-line jobs like producing and editing, they backslid as feature film directors and continue on a path of “radical underrepresentation” in the industry, a new study says. Martha Lauzen’s “Celluloid Ceiling,” a comprehensive report of women’s behind-the-scenes employment in film run out of San Diego State University,  Full Article…