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Ex-Westwood Devs Reminisce About Making Original ‘Command & Conquer’

Released in 1995, “Command & Conquer” helped define the strategy game for an entire generation of gamers. Westwood Studios, the developer behind the game, had dabbled in real-time strategy before with “Dune 2,” but it was “C&C” that really put the genre on the map, and most contemporary real-time stratey titles–like Blizzard’s “Warcraft”–paled in comparison  Full Article…


Everything you need to know about Intel-K processors

If you’re looking to build the ultimate gaming PC that can handle the most demanding games of today – and tomorrow – then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a Intel® Core™ K processor. These processors, which have that all-important ‘K’ at the end of their model names, are unlocked, which means they have  Full Article…


Snapchat could be about to get into gaming in a big way

Could a big selection of mini-games tempt you to spend more time inside Snapchat? According to an anonymous source "familiar with the matter", Snapchat is planning to announce a new gaming platform as early as next month. Cheddar reports that developers will be able to build games that live inside the Snapchat app, though what  Full Article…