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Affordable 5G phones will arrive in early 2020

Affordable 5G phones will be available from early 2020, after Qualcomm announced its third generation 5G chip at MWC 2019. We've seen the first 5G smartphones launch in the past week, and they all have one thing in common – they're flagships. That means they'll come with a flagship price tag, putting them out of  Full Article…


PUBG Mobile RE2 zombie mode set to arrive soon in India

Recently, PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 beta went live with a special event, the much-awaited zombie mode. This is a part of the collaboration between Tencent Games and Capcom that brings together the world of battle royale and a city reeking of zombies. This will be a special event with a limited run where zombies and other  Full Article…


Ikea’s discreet, shelving-based Sonos speakers arrive in August

In 2017, Sonos announced a ground-breaking partnership with Ikea that would integrate full-fledged Sonos speakers into everyday furniture. Today, we found out those speakers will be available starting in August of this year. When they're released later this year, the Syfonisk series will encapsulate everything that makes Sonos speakers so great – namely, their sound  Full Article…