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Back to university technology for students

 A lot of us live our lives through our phones – but the laptop is still the top tool for any university student.  It doubles as a TV, lets you play games on your downtime and is just about essential for note-taking in lectures and writing-up your coursework. You know, the less fun stuff. As  Full Article…


Pulse Music, Booming With Starrah, ‘Despacito’ and More, Looks Back at 10 Years of Hits

It was ten years ago that producer Josh Abraham approached songwriters and longtime friends Scott Cutler and Anne Preven with a business proposition. The two members of mid-‘90s L.A. alternative group Ednaswap were known for writing “Torn” — which Natalie Imbruglia turned into a worldwide hit — while Abraham also had worked in the studio  Full Article…