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Huawei could be about to reveal its own rival to Google Maps

Not only is Huawei busy developing its own operating system to potentially replace Android, it's also got an in-house mapping service in the pipeline as well, according to reports. Based on reporting by China Daily, the mapping service is aimed at software developers more than end users: apps offering step-by-step directions, cab hailing and similar  Full Article…


AMD Ryzen 3000 processors could disappoint overclockers

AMD Ryzen 3000 processors have little available headroom for overclocking, as we’ve previously heard from Silicon Lottery, a company which sells pre-selected CPUs with guaranteed overclock speeds – known as pre-binned – but now that outfit has released the full details of how these new Ryzen chips performed. And the fresh statistics are quite an  Full Article…


DSLR cameras could be at risk from ransomware

By exploiting security vulnerabilities in popular internet-connected digital DSLR cameras, hackers could infect them with ransomware to render the devices useless or to deploy other types of malware on larger networks according to new research from Check Point Software. Digital cameras use Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) to transfer digital files and the firm's researchers discovered  Full Article…