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Comics on Film: What is ‘Justice League Dark?’

While we’ve heard rumblings off and on for most of the past four years concerning a possible foray into the DC Comics Universe by none other than director Guillermo del Toro, it looks as if the film he’d spent his time developing at Warner Bros. has been handed off to a new director. While it’s  Full Article…


Sounds Like The X-Men Movies Want To Try Dark Phoenix One More Time

This summer certainly seems to be full of large scale, epic superhero movies. While the genre always creates big productions, this summer’s films feature ensemble casts who will use their powers to battle amongst themselves. Now that Batman v Superman and Ca… CINEMABLEND News


In Depth: You might actually survive Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls is known as a punishing video game series. The game rewards an encyclopaedic knowledge of where enemies are going to appear and tucks treasures, like flaming longswords and industrial-strength armor, in crevasces for only the most ardent of players to find. It’s this method of rewarding its most resilient fans that makes developer  Full Article…