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Call of Duty Mobile revealed: Expect classic CoD gameplay in a free-to-play package

We’ve seen several Call of Duty games hit mobile platforms over the years, but Activision isn’t stopping there. The company has just announced Call of Duty Mobile, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter in conjunction with Tencent Games. The game seems nigh-on identical to Call of Duty: Legends of War, a Tencent-developed game that soft-launched i… Android  Full Article…


EA will be at E3, but don’t expect a press conference

After Sony pulled out entirely, EA is taking a very different approach to E3 2019, the company announced today.  Instead of a press keynote that shows gamers what they have to look forward to in a single sitting, EA will instead offer multiple live streams throughout the weekend leading up to the show. Love EA's  Full Article…