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Upload photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac

Instagram launched an official app for Windows 10 last month, but it’s missing one key function: there’s no way to upload photos. There’s no way to upload photos from the website either, and there’s no dedicated app for Mac OS X. This is a pain – particularly if you want to share pictures you’ve taken  Full Article…


5 insane gaming laptops from CES 2017

This year, CES 2017 is home to not only off-the-wall, wonky AI-powered robots and levitating Bluetooth speakers, it’s also the perfect place to showcase some of the latest home computing innovations as well. After all, it’s not a Consumer Electronics Show without a little something that appeals and entertains on a practical level.


Best CPU: the 10 top processors from AMD and Intel

What makes a processor the best? Some would say it's the price tag, and if money were no object this might hold weight. Others suggest that it's the number of cores of overclockability that determine the quality of a central processing unit (CPU). In reality, it's simply a matter of taste. You would be disappointed  Full Article…