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The future of workplace collaboration

As new technologies change the way we work, businesses have begun to forego the traditional office in favor of multi-purpose co-working spaces designed to help foster productivity, creativity and collaboration. Rows of desks just won’t cut it anymore as employees have become accustomed to using their own devices, as seen with the BYOD movement, and  Full Article…


Beta Film Acquires Mariano Barroso’s Movistar + Original ‘What the Future Holds’ (EXCLUSIVE)

MADRID — Continuing its strong line in cutting-edge Spanish drama series, Germany’s Beta Film has acquired international distribution rights to Mariano Barroso’s “What the Future Holds” (“El día de mañana”), one of the best-received of Movistar +’s recent Original Series. Beta Film will introduce the series to buyers at next month’s MipTV market. Directed by  Full Article…


The future of workplace communication

Businesses have made great strides in adopting new technologies as part of their digital transformation efforts. However, as companies have turned to new tools to increase their productivity, they continue to rely on email and other ageing technologies to communicate. Collaboration platforms have grown in popularity recently as they allow teams to work together more  Full Article…