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Facebook gets better at spotting fake accounts, spammers

While you're busy browsing through photos from your friends and liking their opinionated political rantings, Facebook engineers are busy trying to weed out fake accounts and comment spam, and apparently they're making progress. First Facebook announced it's making progress in "protecting the integrity of activity" … Techradar – All the latest technology news


Netflix for Windows 10 finally gets offline viewing

Netflix has finally updated its Windows 10 PC app to support offline viewing. Available via the Windows 10 Store on PC devices (including tablets), the update allows you to download select movies and TV shows for later viewing. As Windows Central reports, the selection is currently limited to Netflix originals and a few outliers, which  Full Article…


Movie News: ‘Aquaman’ Gets a Strategic Delay; Superman Joins the Next ‘Mission: Impossible’

Aquaman: Warner Bros. pushed the DC superhero movie Aquaman back a couple months from October 5, 2018, to December 21, 2018. While it could seem a negative decision, the release date change is favorable for the holiday crowds and was clearly made in the wake of the truly delayed Avatar 2 being taken off that weekend. Aquama… | Movie  Full Article…