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Pandora finally gets voice commands on iOS and Android

Long after Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby and a half-dozen others, Pandora has finally announced a new 'voice assistant' helper called Voice Mode for its iOS and Android apps that will begin rolling out to devices starting today.  Voice Mode, which is really a set of specified voice commands rather than a robust assistant in the  Full Article…


8K TV gets big boost as major manufacturers band together

Let’s be honest, the TV industry isn’t great at setting standards: every few years there’s a format war and, even now, some of the biggest manufacturers in the world can’t seem to settle on which HDR formats to support.  That could change for the next-generation of TVs in development now, though. The catalyst for that  Full Article…


The Nokia 7.1 gets festive with the Google Assistant

To celebrate the launch of the new Nokia 7.1, an Android One device, Nokia fans, bloggers and Instagrammers were invited to kick back, mingle and get competitive in the heart of London. From Santa hats to Christmas crackers, tech to be tried and prizes to be won; festivities were everywhere. As for the icing on  Full Article…