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Man Sues Woman for Texting on Their First Date During ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’; James Gunn Comments

Talk about bad dating etiquette! We're big proponents of the theatrical experience. There's nothing quite like watching a movie, whether it be a highly-anticipated blockbuster or a little-heralded indie, on a big screen with fellow enthusiasts. It's always somewhat dismaying, therefore, when someone disturbs that experience. But wou… | Movie News


The Clever Way James Cameron Saved Titanic From Waves Of Bad Press

James Cameron is speaking in hindsight, but also showing real disdain for the American press. Now, he did endure waves of unfavorable articles talking about the pending disaster of his Titanic, and he enjoyed the last laugh as the movie went on to break box office records and claim an…… CinemaBlend Latest Content


What James McAvoy Thought Of Logan

Logan is one of the biggest hits of the year, and with various figures from the X-Men franchise praising the stylistic choices. Case in point: James McAvoy. … CinemaBlend Latest Content