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Second Still Image of Vin Diesel in New Riddick Movie

Universal Pictures, Radar Pictures and One Race Films only just announced the start of principal photography on writer-director David Twohy’s follow-up to Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, but franchise star Vin Diesel has already revealed a second still image from Riddick via his his personal Facebook page — Diesel actually shared the first  Full Article…


Movie News in 60 Seconds: Katherine Heigl Repeats Milla Jovovich, ‘The Raid’ Sequel, ‘Carriers’ Writers Get a New Gig

Katherine Heigl Struck With Rare Disorder: No, unfortunately Katherine Heigl hasn't come down with a rare disorder that will stop her from making movies, but she's signed on to play a woman who has one, so that should at least keep her away from rom coms for a little bit. The disorder in question is called face blindness,  Full Article…


Super Bowl Movie Trailer Guide

Previews for ‘G.I. Joe,’ ’21 Jump Street’ and others will premiere during Sunday’s big game, with some trailers already available online.By Kevin P. Sullivan Dwayne Johnson in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Photo: Paramount In recent years, the Super Bowl has given movie fans an entirely different reason to look forward to the big game. Movie studios  Full Article…