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‘Party Down’ Movie Script Is ‘Almost Done,’ Lizzy Caplan Says

Like the cast members of “Arrested Development,” anyone and everyone that’s ever been associated with the short-lived cult comedy series “Party Down” inevitably find themselves fielding the same question: when’s the movie coming out? Of course, a “Party Down” movie isn’t guaranteed, but cast members Lizzy Caplan and Megan Mullally both told MTV News at  Full Article…


Preview Clip from Irish Monster Movie Comedy Grabbers

Can you think of a better excuse to get “pissed” than to stave off an attack by giant, squid-like alien monsters? Nah, we can’t, either. That’s why we love the premise of Irish director Jon Wright’s (Tormented) new monster movie comedy, Grabbers: the denizens of a quiet Irish village discover that the only way to  Full Article…