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Best horror movies: scary films to stream or buy in 2017

When compiling our best horror movies list, the same question kept coming up: what constitutes a good horror movie?  For us, a good horror movie is one that latches onto your deepest, primal fears, pokes and prods at your psyche, strangles you with fear and raises your heart rate to palpitation levels.  These types of  Full Article…


Marvel Buzz: ‘Spider-Man’ Sequel Timeline Revealed, Six Mystery ‘X-Men’ Movies Scheduled Through 2021

In one week, audiences will finally get to see the spectacular new reboot of everyone's favorite wallcrawler. And in anticipation of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we're hearing more about the future of Spidey in the MCU through his next team-up with the Avengers and his next solo feature. That and the latest from the Marvel-based X-Men&… | Movie  Full Article…


Johnny Depp Reportedly Used New Movies To Pay Old Debts

Johnny Depp has been in the news a lot lately regarding the state of his finances. He’s currently involved in a lawsuit with his business managers over the issue and new information seems to show just how bad things were for Captain Jack. … CinemaBlend Latest Content