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Update: Universal Monster Movies After ‘The Mummy’ — Why? When? What?

Universal's rebooted monster movie series will soon kick off with The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise. The advance trailer certainly promises an action-filled, possibly scary good time. The presence of  Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) suggests how the groundwork might be laid for a connected series of monster movies, though many questions… | Movie News


The 10 Greatest Horror Movies Made By First-Time Directors

Horror films have proven to be quite a fertile playground for first time directors. Burgeoning filmmakers have been able to have fun and strut their stuff within the constraints of the genre, all without spending dozens of millions of dollars. … CinemaBlend Latest Content


Why Ridley Scott Doesn’t Like Superhero Movies

Don’t expect Ridley Scott to helm the next Marvel of DC movie. The acclaimed director isn’t a big fan of superhero movies, so hit the jump to learn his reasoning. … CinemaBlend Latest Content