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How to select all photos on iCloud

Can’t get a handle on your iPhone’s enormous photo library? You’re better off using iCloud to manage, move and delete them. Here’s how to select all the photos on iCloud… Latest iPhone Articles from Macworld UK


#ScaleUp your Instagram photos to win a 17-inch LG gram

Most computer makers seem to think the laptop has already achieved its final form. They’ll tout the latest CPU or graphics card upgrade, but your new “cutting-edge” laptop will still have the same 12- or 13-inch frame you’ve bought over and over for the past decade.  Up until now, if you didn’t want a cramped  Full Article…


How to fix wrongly identified faces in iPhone photos

If the Photos app on your iPhone keeps thinking that a person in a picture is someone else entirely, it’s important to set it right. Here’s how to correct errors in facial recognition… Latest iPhone Articles from Macworld UK