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These Kit Harington Photos Hint Jon Snow Might Be Coming Back

Kit Harington knows nothing about keeping a secret. Image via HBO/HuffPost The “Game of Thrones” season finale had people everywhere going crazy over what happened to Jon Snow. After the character was stabbed by the Night’s Watch and left to die in the cold (et tu, Olly?), fans went nuts speculating about various ways he  Full Article…


Perez Hilton Introduces His Daughter, Mia Alma, In Stunning Photos

Perez Hilton marked Father’s Day by releasing the first images of his new daughter, Mia Alma Hilton, to the media. The 37-year-old celebrity blogger and multimedia entrepreneur shared an album of 26 stunning photographs, shot by Danny Dottavio, on his official website. The shots show Hilton posing with Mia, who was born on May 9  Full Article…