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Meizu 16s review: Intriguing hardware, frustrating software

For a small Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Meizu certainly enjoys grabbing headlines. Earlier this year, for example, it announced the Meizu Zero, the “world’s first hole-less smartphone” — a device it later dismissed as a marketing stunt. The Meizu 16s is no marketing ploy. Instead, Meizu refined its practical Meizu 16th for 2019. What has Meizu improved, and,  Full Article…


MacBook Pro 15in (2018) review

The MacBook Pro has been upgraded for 2018 with new hardware. So much so that you could spend over £6,000 on one. But should you?… Latest Reviews from Macworld UK


MacBook Pro 13in (2018) review

In 2018 the 13in MacBook Pro finally owns its pro status with quad-core processors, but is that enough to make this a suitable model for pros? We investigate in our 13in MacBook Pro 2018 review…. Latest Reviews from Macworld UK