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Nate Parker Talks Rape Controversy with Ebony: ‘The Definitions of So Many Things Have Changed’

Nate Parker broke his silence on Saturday over two weeks after Variety and Deadline published interviews in which he addressed being charged — along with his “Birth of a Nation” co-writer Jean Celestin — with raping a 18-year-old female student while attending Penn State in 1999. In the new interview, published by Ebony, Parker says…  Full Article…


Ben Silverman Talks ‘Dream and Harsh Nightmare’ of His NBC Tenure

Ben Silverman has opened up about his rocky tenure as co-chairman of NBCUniversal Entertainment an interview with the podcast Radiate. Silverman talks about his two-year run at NBC from 2007-2009 as being “a dream and then a harsh nightmare” because of internal and external forces. The factors complicating his job included the writers s… Variety


Screenwriter Drew Goddard Talks the Sci-Fi That Changed His Life

Drew Goddard cut his teeth in the entertainment industry as a writer for Joss Whedon on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Since then he’s stayed largely in the TV world, having worked on Alias, Lost, and Marvel’s Daredevil series, but he continues to flex some increasingly big movie muscles. He wrote Cloverfield, he directed  Full Article…