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Why J.J. Abrams Won’t Direct Another Remake Or Reboot

J.J Abrams somehow found himself in the position of being the guy to restart two of the biggest science fiction franchises in the history of all media. He’s become as known for that as he is for lens flare. However, now the director says he’s done with the remakes and reboots … CinemaBlend Latest Content


Why WALL-E 2 Won’t Happen, According To Pixar

If you’ve been dying for a sequel to Disney Pixar’s hit lonely robot film WALL-E you can officially get disappointed now, because it looks like that’s a sequel that really won’t happen. … CinemaBlend Latest Content


Harvey Weinstein on Bernie Sanders: ‘We Won’t Get Fooled Again’

Weinstein Co. chief Harvey Weinstein criticized the tenants of Bernie Sanders’ campaign proposals during his Friday appearance on “CBS This Morning,” saying Sanders’ plan to provide free college tuition and health care to all Americans would bankrupt the country. Weinstein has been an active supporter of Sanders’ Democ… Variety