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Why Thor: Ragnarok Decided Skurge Would Ally With Hela

In the trailer, we see Karl Urban’s Skurge betras Asgard to work with Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Regardless, it now sounds like he has a fairly understandable reason for doing so. … CinemaBlend Latest Content


Movie News: ‘Baywatch’ Star Thinks Playing ‘Batgirl’ Would Be Cool; Another Young Mutant Cast in ‘New Mutants’

Batgirl: Priyanka Chopra, who just made a splashy appearance as a villain in Baywatch (above), says: "I definitely want to play a superhero and I want to have an interesting superpower. I don’t know… Batgirl would be so cool!” In April, Joss Whedon, who will be writing and directing Batgirl, said: "I’m not against…  Full Article…