There’s a new type of iPhone cracker available, and cops are dying to buy it

GrayBox iPhone hacking 2018 how to break
In 2016, the FBI’s legal quest to force Apple to unlock the iPhone 5c of the San Bernadino shooter brought the issue of phone encryption fully into the public conciousness.
Although people generally knew that smartphones were secure, it wasn’t until the highly public court case that people realized even the country’s top law-enforcement agency couldn’t easily crack basic consumer hardware.
Trying to break the encryption on the iPhone is a constantly-evolving cat-and-mouse game, and not many law enforcement agencies are capable of taking part.

Rather than hiring their own cryptographers, law enforcement around the country instead buys “exploits” from hacking firms, who sell their technology to anyone who can pay tens of thousands of dollars.

A new type of iPhone cracker, called the GrayKey, is a simple-to-use box that can reportedly crack the latest iPhone X running iOS 11, and as you’d expect, cops are lining up to buy it.



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