This is the Best ‘Goonies’ Poster We’ve Ever Seen

As the Alamo Drafthouse line of theaters continue to expand and subsequently invade our movie-loving hearts all over the country, so does the Mondo brand, which has partnered with the Drafthouse since their early days and have since seen a tremendous amount of growth over the past year, as well as a renewed interest in the art of the movie poster. We're no strangers to the folks at Mondo, having premiered several of their posters, and today we're stoked to show you their latest piece of art for The Goonies, which arrived earlier this week. 

Created by Randy Ortiz for a special screening of The Goonies at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City, this poster just oozes coolness. We love how the poster chooses a unique route in highlighting the film's ending, which…
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