Today in Movie Culture: Batman vs. John Wick, ‘Goonies II’ Fan Film, the Enduring Legacy of ‘Fight Club’ and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Mashup of the Day: Here's a fake trailer pitting Batman against John Wick, or maybe we should say the Dark Knight and the Boogeyman (via Geek Tyrant):    Fan Film of the Day: Fans of The Goonies over at Movie Nerds created a short film teasing the idea for the long-desired sequel:   Movie Comparison of the Day: Dimitri Bitu compares scenes from Ray with footage of the actual Ray Charles side by side:   Fan Theory of the Day: That Film Theory examines the theory that Groundhog Day is really about Phil's experience in Hell:   Vintage Image o… | Movie News

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