Tribeca Exclusive: A Woman Loses Her Virginity While Campaigning for Kerry Edwards in ‘Farah Goes Bang’ Trailer

In the new indie, “Farah Goes Bang,” making its world premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, “Circumstance” star Nikohl Boosheri plays the titular Farah, a woman trying to lose her virginity while on the road campaigning for John Kerry in 2004 with her friends. Farah and her friends K.J. and Roopa follow the campaign trail across historic Route 66 on their way to Ohio, the central battleground state of 2004, seizing control of this charged moment in their lives and the life of their country. According to its director Meera Menon, “‘Farah’ updates the American tradition of the Western, telling a new trail story, in a diverse, powerful and hilarious female way.”
Take a look at the trailer below, exclusive to Indiewire.

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