Watch: Anton Corbijn Proves Directing is Harder Than You Think in Exclusive ‘Gatekeepers’ Clip

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Anton Corbijn, renowned photographer turned director, sat down with Colaborator to discuss the challenges he faced with his career transition. The director, known for his films "Control," "The American" and "A Most Wanted Man," also discusses the challenges he faces when working with a crew while directing feature films.

The interview, shot entirely in black and white, is a part of Colaborator’s series "Gatekeepers," which features interviews with big names in the film industry. The purpose of the series is to show viewers real success stories in Hollywood and what it takes to become a big name. Past interviewees include producer Gary Lucchesi and novelist Bret Easton Ellis. 

The full interview will premiere on on August 6. Check out a clip of Senior Editor Isaac Simpson’s interview with Corbijn…


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