Watch: No Joke, The New Lexus Hoverboard Will Blow Your Mind

Hoverboards DO work on water!

That's one of the big takeaways after watching Lexus's latest video touting their own hoverboard, which they call Slide. Watch as various skateboarders fool around with the hoverboard and attempt to do some basic tricks — one of which includes gliding over a patch of water all like, "What you got on me, McFly?!"


This is the hoverboard we all desperately wanted to own after watching Back to the Future II a gazillion times. While Lexus isn't throwing this into your local toy store anytime soon, just seeing that they're inching towards perfecting the technology means we're getting closer to hovering around our neighborhoods while intertwined in epic street chases, like the one below.

I mean, this is…
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